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We’re committed to exceptional service, quality, and technical expertise to build positive customer relationships.

Who We Are

Ireland Sound Systems is the culmination of years of experience, passion, failures and successes until we finally got it right. The brand was born before we even knew it. When Pat Ireland (CEO) got his dream job at a staple music store in Pomona California called The Guitar Store, the beginning of something great was happening. It wasn’t until 3 years later that Pat purchased The Guitar Store and made it his own while building the brand amongst the music community. Artists such as: Dave Garibaldi (Tower of Power), David Lindley, Tommy Tedesco, Michael McDonald, Herb Alpert and Ben Harper would frequent the store. After countless NAMM shows (which Pat was a board member of), thousands of guitar sales and years of getting to know both the music industry and the sound system industry, the day came where The Guitar Store would be passed onto another and Ireland Sound Systems, Inc. was born.

Ireland Sound Systems, Inc. was founded out of necessity. With the help of Pats loving wife, Cindy, they both quickly recognized that there was a need for better sound systems, better technology and better service in the residential and commercial space. Some of their biggest customers were and continue to be, houses of worship, school districts, colleges, Union space and higher end residential. Both Pat and Cindy have lived in the Upland area their entire lives and there is a good chance if you bump into another member of the community that has been around, they know Pat and Cindy. The Ireland family name has been in the community for close to 100 years and its only appropriate that a business be named after it.

Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman as they say, in this case, the statement could not be more true. Ireland Sound Systems really began to get traction shortly after Pat married Cindy and they were able to focus on what direction the company was going to take. With Cindy’s great ideas and Pats knowledge, passion and work ethic it wasn’t long before Ireland Sound Systems really blossomed. Pat’s ability to assemble an all-star team over the years is truly impressive. The fact that many employees have stayed with the company for a significant amount of time speaks volumes about the exceptional service and culture at Ireland Sound Systems.

Ireland Sound Systems

Patrick Ireland
Patrick IrelandPresident and CEO
Patrick Ireland is president and CEO of Ireland Sound Systems and is a highly qualified contractor who has just one year shy of 40 years experience in the field. In addition, Pat holds California licenses in low voltage (C7), Electrical (C10), and General Building (B). In addition he has extensive experience with audio video installations of all types. Patrick has been a part of the music and AV industry since he started working for “The Guitar Store” when he was 22 years old, which he bought 3 years later. It was then that he knew he had a strong passion for sound and music and would be a part of this industry for many years to come.

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